Our extra virgin oil is the pure juice of the olive fruit. It is sensitive to air, heat and light and we take all measures to protect it and reach consumers in an impeccable condition. It is of interest to us whether you enjoy this golden juice and we would really like you to. We would be happy to know that it accompanied your meals and contributed to your nutrition. Do not hesitate to cook it since it is effective in lower temperatures than other oils.


Our organic oil is totally free of chemical fertilisers or pesticides that can enter the food chain. We rely on the advice of experienced agriculturalists regarding natural fertilisers, who guide us, so as to keep the soil of our groves regenerated in natural ways. Our organic products contribute to the cycle of reproducing and protecting the olive tree environment in the area of Laconia. An organic olive oil of excellent quality which you can taste raw in your salads and sauces, with fish, chicken or when cooking pulses.

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y story begins with the tree. Native to Monemvassia, my roots unfold deeply and wildly clutching the ancient Laconian land, where heroes walked. Native to the South, every twist of my bark, every little leaf, carries the blessed climate of the southern lands. Almost certainly, I am the offspring of the Sun and Mother Earth.
My story continues with the fruit, so deeply venerated by my people. My fruit sustains families, communities and economies. People cultivate it with affection and over the ages have accumulated experience worthy of a gem.

The story continues with the olive oil, the final product and the essence of it all; before it finally turns into a myth, an elixir of life of almost magical proportions, the juice that comes out of the pressing, is the culmination of all materials earth can produce. It cures life. Once upon a time this story would have been passed on by the stone mills that were abundantly scattered throughout the countryside, but now it’s a new era, an era of machines.

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