Who We Are

We are a small exclusive family business located in the fertile grounds of Monemvasia Lakonia in the Southeastern part of Greece. We solely produce a distinctive class of Premium Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The caliber of our produce is controlled from cultivation to extraction. By owning our private certified olive groves, running the best Italian TEM mill machines as well as bottling unit within our own premises, we ensure to have:
  • The strict use of organic and composted fertilizers
  • Early picking of fruit while it is still green (within regulated assigned diaries)
  • Innovated fruit harvesting methods (hand-picked, chilled transportation, use of plastic crates vs. cloth sacks, crushing of olives within 3 hours)
  • Cold oil extraction (at under 24°C)
  • Maximised filtration at highest possible standard (clarifying water, solids and other suspended particles ensuring longevity as well as premium quality)
  • High phenolic yet fully-flavoured olive oils in absolute harmony


The variety of our olive trees is truly premier, being the esteemed Athinoelia. From the cultivation and care of the olive trees to the pressing of our fruit, we painstakingly adhere to preeminent and rigorous methods, policies and procedures, making this enchanting process a memorable experience year after year. Our aspiration is to continue to enrich our knowledge, amass experience, improve our techniques and perpetually maintain the supreme excellency and mastery of our craftsmanship.