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The Legacy Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

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It’s a part of us, it’s not just a tree. It’s an ancestor tree and it has a lot of knowledge. 

Harvesting Olive Oil from Sacred Trees, in the Most Traditional Way For many centuries, health and well-being experts have praised the significance of naturally derived olive oil as a nutritious tonic for the whole body. The Legacy is timeless: it is tested through time and replicates the methods handed down from wise and time-honoured producers while reminiscing the wholesome moments of the old family.  

This is an olive oil that, as the name suggests, comes to us from the past. It encapsulates the effort of our ancestors to bring to the table an olive oil that can be valued by the youngest of the family members to the most senior. It is an everyday olive oil, crafted for all uses and reveals fine aromas, moderately spicy notes while consisting of a balanced variety of Athinoelia (60%), Koroneiki (35%) and Asproelia (5%) olives in their golden form.

The term Legacy denotes the maintenance of inheritance. This produce unveils the patrimonial and clean natural production procedures required to bring forth an EVOO in its most ancestral form. It hat has been produced from truly aged trees that are located in our upland olive groves, positioned at a height of 500-550 meters altitude. Our oldest tree within this grove dates over 800 years depicting 12 generations. These old-fashioned groves have a difficult, rugged terrain and have been left in their original form, inducing no disturbance to them. In this way we have respected the effort and way that these trees have in surviving throughout the centuries while allowing them to complete their life cycle.

In line with traditional cultivation techniques, in order to create this EVOO we have followed classically-established practices. To maintain The Legacy olive oil 'as it was before', all the manual work is done by hand including the carving, pruning, collecting etc. This process is both costly and cumbersome, but it meets our vision to create a truly hand-crafted product. This heritage is paired with state-of-the art cold-extraction methodologies that capture its central original essence, thus bottling it up. 

The term Classic Harvest refers to the time period in which the olive fruit has been collected. The timing of the harvest for this range has been timetabled during the riper season of the olive tree, which in Peloponnese begins at the end of November and lasts until the end of December, following the natural life-cycle of these trees. Modern techniques, international market trends and panellists seek and reward the unripe olive. In this category we represent something more original and deep-rooted.


Organoleptic Characteristics:

  • Fruit is in its ripe form.
  • Olives harvested between November – December.
  • Rich Phenolic Content, boasting 300 polyphenols per 20gr of product.
  • Filtered at a maximum level, leaving no waste residues (scum or gossypol).


What to Expect from this Category: 

  • Transparent Weightless Oil Texture;
  • Soft Flavour with Fine Aromatic Profile;
  • Principal Aroma from Freshly-Cut Grass;
  • Medium to Low Intensities of Bitters and Spices;
  • Ideal for everyday use. Pour it fearlessly in your cooking and daily dishes.


This Product is Created with a Lot of Zeal: Enliven the Dishes of the Entire Family