Retail & Wholesale Europe

If you wish to partner with us there are several ways.

WHOLESALE (Worldwide)

Please  send us a message (via contact form) and we will get back to you with in the next 1-2 Business Days. Please provide us with as much information possible so we can reply promptly and specific. 

RETAIL (Europe)

We have partner with several Reliable Wholesale platforms were we can introduce to you with great benefits such us :

  • 100€ Minimum Order (Great for small retail stores)
  • 100-200€ Credit for your first order on there platform
  • Free shipping for all orders over €250-300 (ex-VAT) 
  • Access to NET-60 or NET-30 payment terms (depending on the country)
  • If unsold edibility for returns*

The above depends on the platforms and country of purchase.

Please register either on one or even better on all four(3) platform's  as they do very often run special promotions with discounts and other great offers. That way you will always have the option of ordering our products with the above benefits plus time to time discount offers.

By clicking the links below you will automatically be prompted to our page on each platform with the sign-up code a welcome credit already in effect. By doing that we as Akra Morea benefit with paying a very lower commission towards the wholesale platforms because of referring you as a customer to them.