Akra Morea Early Harvest

Premium Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

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If you are looking for exceptionally healthy oil, choose an EVOO that has been harvested while the olive is unripe. The maximal chlorophyll prominent in unripe olives makes the early harvested oil ​(Agoureleo in Greek) verdant and richer in healthy bioactive molecules like Oleocanthal and Oleacein.

Bitter and spicy sensations are positive attributes for Early Harvest EVOOs, because they —and the cough that comes after swallowing the product— indicate the existence of polyphenols, which are extremely healthy natural antioxidants with anti-inflammatory compounds. In fact, the higher the burning sensation of bittern and spicy notes, the better the indication of phenolic-dominance (even though for baking many prefer the fruitier EVOOs).

Our Premium Early Harvest is an especially High Phenolic EVOO, boasting just over 480 polyphenols per 20 grams of olive oil. It is well documented by the EFSA that the minimum amount of polyphenolic content must exceed 250 polyphenols per 20gr of product for it to be able to be classified as High-Phenolic* in the marketplace. It must be highlighted that most EVOOs (by 95%) around the world present less than 200 mg/ per 20gr of product. 

Organoleptic Characteristics:

  • Fruit is in its unripe form.
  • Olives harvested between early September - 15th October at the very latest.
  • Very High Polyphenolic Content (up to 500ml per 20gr of product).
  • Filtered at a maximum level, leaving no waste residues (scum or gossypol).

What to Expect from this Category:

  • Transparent Unclouded Oil Texture;
  • Sharp yet Stable Flavour;
  • Strong and Clear Aromas;
  • Momentary Burning Sensation (for 2-3 seconds after swallowing);
  • Ideal for more intense pallets and for raw use over dishes. These can include vegetables, legumes and meats, according to preference. 

 Comparison of Intensities Between Products:

When choosing for yourself, select according to your own preference. You may want to buy a variety of EVOOs to use for different purposes.

    This is the Best Way to Take Advantage of our Premium EVOO & Rip the Maximum Health Benefits from our Earth's Most Glorious Gift!