Our Way

Our extensive knowledge and experience in everything related to the olive tree coupled with our eagerness to produce an exclusive and exceptional extra virgin olive oil, motivated us to involve ourselves in the industry and to create the AKRA MOREA© Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Our company specialises exclusively in the production of Premium Olive Oil, olive tree products, such as edible olives & olive paste, and olive oil by-products, such as aromatic olive oils & olive oil soaps, etc.

AKRA MOREA© manage their own olive groves, located in the southwestern region of Monemvassia and numbering approximately 3000 olive trees of the Athenoelia, Koroneiki and Asprolia olive tree varieties (approx. 74%, 24% and 2% respectively).  The Athenoelia is the predominant variety in the Monemvasia region, thriving in the region almost exclusively in spite of being one of the most difficult and demanding varieties to cultivate.  The method, control and innovative solutions & procedures applied in all phases, i.e. tree cultivation, crop harvesting, transportation, storage, pressing, etc., make the AKRA MOREA© an exceptional Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Aiming at quality rather than at quantity, we maintain a relatively low production averaging approx. 12,000 litres per annum.

Our in-depth knowledge and experience coupled with the favourable microclimate of the region permit us to produce olive oil, of both organic and conventional cultivation, that possess unique properties, fine aromas, rich taste, golden green color and high content of polyphenols and hydrotyroxol.  The above, in combination with our production methods and innovative procedures, always in absolute balance between them, grant us the unique and exceptional AKRA MOREA© Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The pressing is performed in our own Italian manufactured and latest generation oil press of a small, but ideal for our needs, capacity. The olive oil is stored in nitrogen and argon supported stainless steel tanks, in accordance with the latest and most stringent of requirements. The harvest of the fruit begins relatively early, in late September, and is completed around the middle of December.  From the cultivation and care of the olive trees to the pressing of the fruit, we painstakingly adhere to our strict and unique methods and procedures, making this enchanting process a memorable experience year after year.

The following procedure is adopted, to fulfil our vision and achieve the best possible result and product recognition:

  • The fruit is harvested by hand, to ensure that its condition remains in excellent condition;
  • The fruit is placed in special crates, to ensure its adequate protection and proper ventilation;
  • The fruit is transported to the press in refrigerated vehicles, within approx. 30 minutes of being harvested to ensure that it fully maintains its nutrients and properties;
  • The fruit is thoroughly washed and dried before being fed to the crusher;
  • The fruit is placed in vertical and airtight kneading machines for precisely 12 minutes (specially designed kneading machine liners ensure that the temperature during the kneading process is maintained, irrespective of the prevailing temperatures, at between 19° and 21° Celsius);
  • The fruit is pressed within 3 hours of being harvested;
  • The olive oil is fed in a centrifugal separator, strictly using cold water to facilitate a mild separation;
  • The daily olive oil production is filtered through the highest possible class of filters;
  • The daily production undergoes a series of analyses and tests (tasting, acidity and polyphenol content included) whilst the entire line of equipment and machinery is thoroughly cleaned, washed and dried after each pressing;
  • The daily production is temporarily stored in stainless steel tanks and awaits the definitive results of the analyses and tests conducted by one of the recognized laboratories;  
  • The daily production, having passed the analyses and tests to AKRA MOREA© complete satisfaction, is stored in stainless steel tanks placed in special storage rooms for a period of 40 days, allowing it to settle and mature;
  • Samples of the olive oil in storage are periodically tendered for further analyses and tests, their purpose being to quantify any measurement alterations, reconfirm its characteristics prior to bottling and, last but not least, to ensure that the product is 100% free of insecticide and pesticide traces;   
  • As and when required, the certified olive oil is bottled in our own bottling plant;

The above modus operandi and complex procedure severely hamper our daily operations and adversely affect the olive oil quantity produced, but, our philosophy being to focus on quality rather than on quantity, it’s of vital importance to stick to them in order to achieve the quality that we desire, the quality that we are proud to call AKRA MOREA© olive oil, the natural juice of the olive in its purest and most delicious form.

Our aspiration is to continue to enrich our knowledge, amass experience, improve our techniques and to perpetually maintain the quality of our products, gaining the recognition that the AKRA MOREA© extra virgin olive oil deserves, namely as one of the best, if not the best, extra virgin olive oil in the world. This is our commitment and we invite you to visit our magical world, the world of AKRA MOREA©, for a guided tour of our groves and facilities or to partake in the cultivation and care our olive trees, the harvesting of the fruit and finally its pressing.